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Mistaken Identity

Delta Goodrem's new album Mistaken Identity is out today!
Also released today is Kylie Minogue's greatest hits.
But there's no need to get that CD of old songs when you can get Delta's album of fantastic new tracks.

Mistaken IdentityHaving confirmed her place in history as one Australia's most successful and popular singer/songwriters, Delta Goodrem returns with her second studio album 'Mistaken Identity' - the highly-anticipated follow-up to her 14 x Platinum 2003 debut 'Innocent Eyes', which found its way into over a million homes, and hearts, around the nation.

'Mistaken Identity' is available in both a standard version and a beautifuly presented limited edition CD/DVD package that includes the video for 'Out Of The Blue', plus behind the scenes footage for the video shoot, footage from Delta's recent European promotional tour, behind the scenes footage of the making of 'Mistaken Identity' and Delta's own track by track rundown of the songs on the album.

Deeper and more intense than her debut, 'Mistaken Identity' is the emotional and inspirational multi-layered product of the past 12 months of Delta life. Every note, every lyric and emotion has been placed on the album precisely that way for a reason: plenty of outsiders have told their side of Delta's story - this is hers.

"It's a more grown up album," Delta says. "My music changed because my life had changed; the whole world around me had changed. My music had to reflect that."

The first single to be released from the album, 'Out Of The Blue', debuted at #1 on the Australian charts and instantly became the most added and most played song on Australian radio. The gorgeous and uplifting song is just one of several key tracks on the album co-written by Delta and Guy Chambers - the British songwriter/producer whose CV includes co-writes on most of Robbie Williams' hits.

In addition to Chambers, other songwriters Delta co-wrote with include Billy Mann on Mistaken Identity and Last Night On Earth, Cathy Dennis (who co-wrote Innocent Eyes' Throw It Away) on Sanctuary, Matthew Gerard (who wrote Delta's second #1 Lost Without You) on the emotional Be Strong, Gary Barlow and Elliot Kennedy (who co-wrote Not Me Not I) and Delta's close friend Vince Pizzinga (co-author of Innocent Eyes) on Extraordinary Day.

The album also includes her eagerly-anticipated first duet, (Only) Almost Here, with former Westlife singer Brian McFadden.

Overall, 'Mistaken Identity' is the ultimate statement on the highs - and lows - of the last two years of Delta Goodrem's life. Get ready to listen, learn and fall in love with Delta all over again.

Track Listing
1. Out Of The Blue
2. The Analyst
3. Mistaken Identity
4. Extraordinary Day
5. A Little Too Late
6. Be Strong
7. Electric Storm
8. Almost Here (Duet With Brian McFadden)
9. Miscommunication
10. Sanctuary
11. Last Night On Earth
12. Fragile
13. Disorientated
14. You Are My Rock

Apparently, there's also a hidden track on this album.
It comes about a minute after You Are My Rock and it has Delta screaming and stuff.
I am.
Buy it now.
It would make a great Christmas present.
Delta's also going to be on Neighbours today.
She'll be there until the end of the week.

The Controller
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Actually, the tracklisting for the UK version is slightly different (although I have no idea why!)

UK Tracklisting
1. Out Of The Blue
2. The Analyst
3. Mistaken Identity
4. Sanctuary
5. A Little Too Late
6. Be Strong
7. Last Night On Earth
8. Almost Here (Duet with Brian McFadden)
9. Miscommunication
10. Electric Storm
11. Extraordinary Day
12. Fragile
13. Disorientated
14. You Are My Rock

I'm hoping to get it for Christmas. :)
The album is absolutely fantastic, I have to say it is such an amazing album and I recommend it. :)
i agree. it's AMAZING. i cant stop listening to it. .

oh btw, does anyone know what the title to the hidden track is? i'm guessing it's "Nobody Listened" but like, i'm not sure ^^"

Hi there! :]


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Hi :]

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