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A Whole Year

A Year Ago Today, Delta Goodrem shocked the world.
This was the day when it was announced that she had cancer.
Here's a little about it:

Delta Goodrem's family today announced that Delta Goodrem has been diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease, a treatable form of cancer.

Delta's family were told of the diagnosis following a series of tests last week. Delta is currently undergoing treatment in a Sydney Hospital.

In a written statement Delta said:

"I want to assure all my fans that I will be fine and I will be back just as soon as my treatment is completed. Knowing that I have your love and support is making a huge difference and I look forward to seeing you all very soon."

According to the treating St Vincent's Hospital Haematologist "Preliminary investigation indicates Hodgkins Lymphoma disease. Further testing is still under way, but at this stage given the early detection, the outlook in such instances would be positive".

As part of her extended family, Delta's friends at Sony Music, her manager Glenn Wheatley, the cast and crew of Neighbours, Network Ten and Grundy Television all send Delta and her family much love and support during this period. Delta's family are very grateful to have such a large extended family during this time.

Delta's family have appealed for everyone to respect her privacy during the treatment period. Delta said her fans would be kept up to date on her progress through her website.

Can you believe it's been a whole year?
It seems like such a short time.
Delta said that she would be positive and fight it.
That's exactly what she did.
Now, she's back and stronger than ever.
She won 7 ARIA awards, nominated for the Gold and Silver Logies and won the Breakthrough Artist award at the APRA awards.
She's also filmed her final scenes of Neighbours as well as Hating Alison Ashley, and who could forget her appearance on the Australia Tourism advert.
Delta's gathered her strength to come to the UK and support Mark Philippoussis at Wimbledon, too.
We know that she was Born To Try and will always be.

The Controller
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