Sara (ask_the_horse) wrote in delta_innocent,

Delta Delta Delta

HI there everybody.

I just joined and I wanted to say how great Delta is. Im sure you all know this already though, but it doesnt hurt to say it again. My favourite Delta song has got to be Born to Try, but all her songs are the best and it is so hard to choose.

I was also wondering if other people from the UK have seen the advert for Australia tourism featuring Delta singing over the top? She sings 'I can see a rainbow', it is beautiful, and very Deltary. I dont know if it is in any other countries yet, but it would be nice to hear.
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Welcome to the community!
I saw the advert and I think that she sings beautifully, as always.
It's a shame we don't get to see more of her.
Do you know if the Pepsi ads will be shown in the UK?

The Controller
I have no idea if the Pepsi ads will be here. I hope so. But at the moment it just appears to be David Beckham and other random American popstars fronting Pepsi. *sigh* Fingers crossed Delta will make it over here.