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Australian Open Controversy....

Hiya everyone! I new to this community, and I hope that i can be a somewhat productive member of it. *smiles* Just so y'all know, my name is Kim, 18, Australia-bound.
Anyway, onto the topic at hand...
I am sure that you have all by this time heard about the comments that Pat Cash made in relation to Delta's relationship (be it platonic or otherwise) with Mark Philopoussus (I know that isn't spelt right... someone care to correct me? I really need to learn to spell it!), and how her being there affected his performance.
Firstly, I think it is plainly obvious to anyone that Pat Cash should mind his own business. What Scid decides to do with his time has nothing to do with him. Secondly, how dare he implicate Delta in all of this. She was there to show her support, and ended up having some loud mouthed has-been throw it back in her face. I personally think that Pat Cash should learn to control himself.
Has anyone heard on the Hodgkins front? Reading the paper today, things are looking really good. *crosses fingers*
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